"My life’s work is not about mailing books. I don’t just mail books. I mail a glimmer of hope. A gesture that says “You matter and I care”, “here is some information that may help”. Checking in with grieving families, when typically, close family and friends have moved on, is the most rewarding and valuable experience.  I am truly blessed beyond measure!"
Linda Findlay
Linda Findlay
Founder & Owner

In Linda's own words taken from an article that she recently published about Aftercare in Funeral Service:

"By June of 2008 I wrote, obtained copy rights for and published, “The Family Care Series” of four books. I wrote the books to support families during their first year of grief.  Each was written to be received at specific times and addressed common issues and feelings that families may be dealing with at the times they received each book. By the end of that year, I co-wrote, with a dear friend and bereaved dad, a Holiday Help and Pet Loss Book.  These books were born out of the massive collection of documented conversations that I had with people who were grieving. For years I wrote down all the things that people shared with me that defined grief and all the different responses and feelings that loss brought with it.  (I must add that the stories that I share in the series do not disclose any one person’s identity) I never gave thought to what I would do with those documentations. I actually thought about them as “notes without a purpose”. I contemplated, many times, throwing them out-I had no idea why I was saving them. I simply wrote them down for two reasons, to help me remember the stories for a future call or visit and to highlight the things that were unique or different.  Every word I documented was told to me by the people I talked to. The books are from their words, written, organized and crafted into an order of meaning. They were not written by me, but by the grace of God.  I am not an author!  I never set out to write any books. I don’t have any skilled ability or special gift to write.   Despite that, I wrote seven books!  For that, I am forever grateful to God.  Those books are His gift, spoken from the hearts of hurting people and are meant to be shared with others who journey the road of grief!

Since 2008, I have mailed the “The Family Care” sets of books to hundreds of thousands of families on behalf of 300 Funeral Homes in 25 states and Canada. That number doesn’t include all of the books I mailed to families during the 11 years prior.   My supplier, at the time, abruptly and without notice informed me that they would no longer sell me the books that I had been purchasing and mailing to families on behalf of the funeral homes that I worked for, for over 11 years.   Ended up, the disappointing and unfair experience had a purpose,  the creation of "The Family Care Series".  God continues to write my story, not me!


Linda has worked with grieving families for over 28 years.   Prior to working with families, she was thrown into what she calls, “The Bereavement World”.  Linda acquired a membership into a club that nobody wants to be a member of.  Her firstborn daughter, Aubrie, was born and died on September 1, 1989.  She was a bereaved parent.


In 1991 Linda started a resource and referral service for grieving families.  Mourning Discoveries, Grief Support Services was officially founded in June of 1994 .  It wasn't long afterwards, that Linda started working for funeral homes as an Aftercare Coordinator. 

Linda's  life work is her daughter’s legacy.  Not a day goes by, if given the privilege, that she will not help and support somebody who is walking on a path of loss and grief. Linda has supported and worked with thousands of grieving families across this country. She has visited and provided support for grieving families in their homes and through Funeral Homes, Hospices and faith-based organizations. She have created, facilitated, participated in and coordinated hundreds of workshops, services of remembrances, and support groups.  Linda a lay counselor for a Christian Care Ministry in Greenville SC. Her highest honor is to enter people’s lives and help make a difference. 

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