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For Funeral Homes, Hospices, Faith Based Organizations, Insurance Companies, Preneed Companies

Any organization working in the death care space.

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The Grief Care Library is a custom website page created for your website.  The library includes 24/7 access to digital url links to "The Family Care Series" set of five books, plus a pet loss book and a planning guide.  The books can be read online, copied, printed, shared and emailed.  Included in the library are articles, videos, podcasts, books, a monthly support group, and so much more. Your families and your community will have unlimited access to a wealth of grief support resources. 

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Content on The Grief Care Library has been contributed by special people who are nationally recognized grief support specialists and whose mission in life is to support grieving families.  It is important to note that we never "sell" anything on the Grief Care Library to your families.  All content on the library if for the families use, free of charge!

Writers include, Linda FindlayHerb KnollDave Roberts , Mary Helen Robinson, Shelby Forsythia, Rev. Roland Johnson and Dr. Bob Baugher.  Content was generously contributed by each writer and is being used with written permission from each contributor. All copywrites of the content are owned exclusively by each individual writer. 

The Library has eight sections, see sample below!

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