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Mourning Discoveries partners with The Commander Initiative

Proudly working with funeral homes

spanning four decades!

If you have any questions, please call: 

Lin Findlay


The Grief Care Library is an added value benefit that is included (   ). 

Included with the Library

1. Your families will have unlimited access to over 300 resources, including, articles, digital books, a monthly live support group, 24/7 grief chat, podcasts, videos, inspirational memes and helpful links. 

2.  Nothing is ever sold to families on the library.

3.  Once you submit a subscription, we will mail a custom letter to the recipient, describing the library and naming you as the provider of use.  Included will be the library URL and an access code, password, that they will need to use to access the library.  All fulfilment, printing, postage and mailing cost in included. 

Click here to learn more about the library!

Instructions to activate your account:

1.  Complete a "New Customer" form.

2.  Once we receive and process your activation,  you will receive an email with your customer number and custom information. Your customer number is needed to be used on each activation. Once you approve the customization, you will be all set to begin submitting eligible users. 

3.  You can bookmark this page to easily access it to begin submitting your families. 

4.  You have the option of including the library URL on your website.  The password will still be needed for eligible families to access it. 

5.  You will be invoiced on the first of each month for the number of activations you submitted during the previous month.  The balance due is payable upon receipt. A list of monthly submissions is included with each invoice. 

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