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For Funeral Homes, Hospices, Faith Based Organizations, Insurance Companies, Preneed Companies

Any organization working in the death care space.

Join usApril 19 -20, 2024Online Live Zoom12:30-4:00 pm esteach day

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Grief Care Specialist Training

Join Lin Findlay and Nancy Weil-

Lin and Nancy have a combined 50 years of experience working in the funeral industry.  This training is for anyone working in the death care space who wants to enhance their knowledge about the grief journey and who wants to provide continued grief care and education for the families that they serve.  This seven-hour program will equip you with the confidence and all the tools you will need to implement a grief care education and follow-up program.  Scan the QR code below or CLICK HERE for registration and payment processing. Once we receive your registration and payment, you will receive a confirmation email with Zoom sign-on information. Please call if you have any questions about the training or payment options 315-725-6132.

Specialist Training Includes:

Unlimited use of The Grief Care Specialist Library

Includes print-on-demand tools and templates

Follow-up coach call

Quarterly group coach sessions

No family should be left to walk alone....

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